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Property dispute

Problems can often arise in relation to your property, whether it is owned or rented. Very often these involve highly charged emotional issues and we recognise this. Solicitors at ATM Law who deal with property disputes are senior and experienced solicitors.  They will give your case the sympathy and understanding it deserves, while at the same time taking a step back from the emotional issues before giving you best legal and pragmatic advice.


We understand that disputes can take you away from moving your life forward.

With a proven track record in resolving property disputes, you can rely on ATM Law to find a solution. From the moment you instruct us, you’ll have a team of experts on board ready to assist and advise you through any  conflict that’s standing in your way.

Legal issues we can assist you with include but are not limited to:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Ownership issues
  • Problems with neighbours or neighbouring land
  • Issues concerning covenants and their interpretation
  • Trespass
  • Building disputes
  • Rights of way (public and private)
  • Issues with mortgages
  • Tenancy agreements and their interpretation
  • Your liability under various health & safety regulations
  • Dealing with rent arrears and tenancy problems

We have a strong reputation and experience in dealing with issues that arise from residential tenancies and if you are a landlord we can advise and guide you through the letting process.